Goblin Brawler with Eye Patch Miniature - 32mm Scale - Broken Anvil Monthly - Graveyard Shift - Fantasy

Goblin Brawler with Eye Patch Miniature - 32mm Scale - Broken Anvil Monthly - Graveyard Shift - Fantasy

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Resonating Prints is pleased to present Broken Anvil (Miniatures) Monthly's ghouling line of Graveyard Shift miniatures. These commercially licensed miniatures are made with UV cured resin depicting heroes, denizens and monsters of an unholy graveyard in 32mm scale, pre-supported for quick on demand printing. Miniatures can be printed with or without included bases and pair very well with Txarli Factory's line of thematic bases featured on my store!

All renders are provided examples from Broken Anvil Monthly but photos of finished products will be uploaded as ordered. Currently printing all resin prints in Siraya Tech Fast Navy Grey Resin mixed with Siraya Tech Tenacious. Free shipping is available for all domestic US orders $75 or more!

Model Dimensions: 13.4mm x 15mm x 18.1mm (20mm themed base)

All resin prints are properly cleaned and cured and will only be sent out if they meet our quality standard. However, just like with mold lines, some trimming and filing may be required to smooth out segments that were connected to supports during printing. For your safety, please always wear a mask and glasses when sanding, filing or trimming resin to avoid inhaling dust or getting anything in your eyes. For finishing your bases, rattle can acrylic spray primer or air brush primer are an essential foundation for painting with acrylic or oil paints on resin and PLA. Otherwise, have fun painting, playing and/or displaying your new miniature(s)!

As always, while all prints are completely cured before delivered, UV cured resin is still considered unsafe for children and should be kept away from pets as well.

Thank you for considering Resonating Prints! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and I'll help as best as I can.
Additionally, if you would like to show more support for Broken Anvil Monthly's incredible work, please consider checking out their website, Facebook or Patreon page for more amazing content!